Tohatsu MFS5LPG

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Thanks to Tohatsu’s 5hp Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) outboard, sailors are no longer forced to carry gasoline on board. The 5hp LPG comes equipped with a fuel line that will connect to any standard North American propane tank. Our innovative LPG outboard will run for a full 5 hours at WOT on a single 11lb propane tank, without sacrificing performance.

  • Sailors are no longer forced to carry gasoline on board
  • No possibility of ethanol/gasoline related failures
  • Virtually maintenance free fuel system
  • 30% cleaner emissions*
  • Quieter operations without compromising engine performance
  • Ultra-low emission, EPA and CARB 3-Star rating approved



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MFS5CLPGS (15" Shaft), MFS5CLPGSPROL (20" Shaft), MFS5CLPGSPROUL (25" Shaft)


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